The Harold Giles Scholarship

The Composite Division has been offering a scholastic scholarship for numerous years in honor of the late Dr. Harold Giles, a past Composite Division Awards Chair. As a former University Professor at the University of North Carolina, Azdel employee, and GE employee, Harold Giles knew full well the value of scholarships to students. He was always a proponent of awarding worthy students and served the society well in this capacity.

Two $2500 scholarships—one for an undergraduate student and the second for a graduate student—are open to outstanding students who not only maintained a good grade point average but also served their community, had some experience in the composite area, and are backed by solid reference letters from former professors and employers. If you are or know of worthy candidates for this scholarship, please consult the SPE Foundation.

If you have any questions, please contact me. The due date is May 1st 2016.

Dr. Dale Grove
Member of the Composite Division Awards Committee

Emily Anne Vargas
Siddgartga Brahma 
Florida State University
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
 Colleen MurrayUniversity of Delaware
 Johannes MollerUniversity of Massachusetts at Lowell
Nicholas BrandisNorthwestern University in Evanston Illinois