Web Videos

There are a lot of video resources available on the Internet through YouTube and elsewhere.  The SPE Composites Division provides links to some interesting and relevant videos below for composite processing, material performance and application use.  Please feel free to send additional videos links to the Webmaster for posting on this page.

Filament Winding Processing - SME

Pultrusion Processing - SME

SMC Manufacturing and Compression Molding - SME

Automated Fiber Placement - SME

Composites Post-Fabrication & Joining - SME

How It's Made:  Fiberglass Boats (wet lay-up)

How to Make Carbon Fiber Parts (automotive aftermarket)

How It's Made - Carbon Fiber Cello (Part 1)

How It's Made - Carbon Fiber Cello (Part 2)

Honeycomb Composite Panel Lamination Processing - Polystrand

ROHACELL RTM Resin Transfer Molding 

Vacuum Injection Molding - Scott Bader

How To Do Perfect Vacuum Resin Infusion of a Carbon Fiber Part - Basic Tutorial